Friday, 21 March 2014


Hello! Yes, I am still alive and kicking around. But I've been so busy that has been really difficult for me to be around here. Today it is the first day of Spring, March is coming to an end and before April it is going to be busy. And after April is going to be even busier.
These days I am dedicating most of my working time on a series of flowers portraits in the studio, testing my new lens. Next month a lot of new, exciting things will come this way, including the renewal of our official web site. And several other things. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

March In Flowers

After a couple of weeks I am back with a new computer and a bunch of great news. I am starting a collaboration with a talented flower stylist for an upcoming photo exhibition this May (I am going to be the photographer). I can't speak much about details now because there is a lot of to be discussed yet. But in the next days I am going to immerse myself in macro flowers photography, with a new lens and a fresh read that I recommend. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Edible Flowers For Photographers

After a rather eventful Winter I am looking forward Spring with all my hearth. My office is going to open next month and in late Spring there is a photo exhibition on the way. The theme of this exhibition is going to be flowers & food so recently I made a lot of research and indulged in some flowers related material shopping. I listed down some interesting findings:




Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday Inspirations

Photography Locations: Iseo Lake.

I haven't been posting any locations for long so I thought it was the right time to get back on the track. Yesterday morning we had a short trip to Iseo lake & town and I grabbed the chance to take some pictures and witness the whereabouts. My father used to work in this hospital and when I was a child I visited this town often but yesterday it has been my first return after more than ten years. The beauty of the lake hasn't changed at all. When I meet this type of locations I am always inspired by natural elements as I had been yesterday, shooting plenty of "water and wood". The wintry and moody atmosphere is perfect in such cases.

This week started terribly and I meant terribly. I am glad that improved a bit thanks to this trip and some awesome news which I am going to share with you next week. See you later with my usual inspirations post. Have a great week-end, my friends!
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